Long Term Casual Employee Rights

5 Rights Overlooked by Employees, on the Employment Law Show with employment lawyer Lior Samfiru. Discover your workplace rights and learn everything you need to know about employment law in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta on Season 3 Episode 23 of the only employment law show on TV in Canada.

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0:00 – Intro

🔹 LTD Denied and Force Back to Work – 2:03
Can an insurance company cut off your disability claim after two years? What should you do if your LTD claim is denied, and your employer considers your employment ended if you don’t return to work (against your doctor’s orders)?
• Get help when your LTD is denied:

📞 CALL: Fired While on Stress Leave – 4:34
Caller from I was fired after taking a doctor-recommended stress leave. I was given 8 weeks’ pay after 21 years as a manager. What are my rights?
• More on Severance Pay:

📞 CALL: Shifted to New Job, Pay Cut – 7:15
I was shifted from one position at the company to another, and my pay was reduced. They told me that my pay might go back up again, but that hasn’t happened yet. How long do I have to wait before I can do something about this?
• Learn more about Constructive Dismissal:

▶️ 5 Employment Rights Overlooked by Employees

1️⃣ The right to full severance pay upon termination – 9:45
• This is how severance pay is calculated:
2️⃣ The right to a workplace free of harassment – 11:12
• Find out more about how to respond to Harassment and Discrimination at work:
3️⃣ The right to your same job, once you return from a maternity or paternity leave – 12:48
• Your rights during and after a Maternity Leave:
4️⃣ The right to refuse a new employment contract from your current employer – 14:18
• Everything you need to know about Employment Contracts:
5️⃣ The right to be accommodated at work if you have a disability or illness – 15:56
• Find out about an employer’s Duty to Accommodate:

📱 Pocket Employment Lawyer – 17:42
Lior Samfiru explains how the Severance Pay Calculator works, and how it has helped over 1,000,000 Canadians determine the amount of severance pay they are owed upon termination in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.
• Calculate severance pay through the Pocket Employment Lawyer here:

I was let go without a reason after 10 months on the job. I have been given three days to accept a two-week severance offer. I’m 57, and had a ,000 salary in a professional role.

📞 CALL: Fired Over Job Interview – 22:23
Caller from If an employee tells me that they are interviewing for a new job somewhere else where they feel they have a better chance at career advancement, am I allowed to let them go?

📞 CALL: Temporary Layoff Before Christmas – 25:14
I was temporarily laid off before Christmas when business slowed, with the promise that they would call me back to work, but that hasn’t happened. What are my options
• What to do with a Temporary Layoff:

❓ One Year Non-Compete Clause – 26:57
From I signed a 1-year non-compete clause when I first started with the company. I was just fired. Is a non-competition clause valid? Will it hold up if I get a job with a competitor?
• Watch our video on Non-Competition Clauses here:


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